No nuts, bolts, or screws, the Kona Pool snaps together.

The Kona Pool can be set up in under an hour on almost any surface. Just level the ground within a few inches, clear off any sharp objects, and assemble. The Kona Pool is a “snap”! Portable means savings! Avoid installation fees, expensive ground preparation charges, replacement liner costs, and winter maintenance expenses often associated with traditional above ground pools.

Pool Assembly Tips
  • 1) Snap legs and bottom rail together.
  • 2) Set liner into place.
  • 3) Snap top rails together and slide into liner sleeve.
  • 4) Attach corners and fill with water.
  • Select a location that receives maximum sunlight for increased heat and extended use.
  • Select a location with as little wind exposure as possible to minimize heat loss.
  • Be aware of the amount of trees and shrubbery around your pool to limit the amount of debris.
  • Select a location with accessibility to water and electric sources.
  • Consider privacy when selecting a location.
  • When leveling ground, always take earth from the high side of the surface, do not add earth to the lower area of the surface.
  • Clear surface of any debris or sharp objects that may be uncomfortable to walk on, or could potentially damage the liner.
  • For assembly on soft ground, lumber supports may be necessary under the foot of each strut (see picture below and refer to your assembly guide for detail).

A great swim awaits

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