Round Pools

Our round Kona Pool design is the only design like it on the market.

With only two metal hardware parts, a top rail and a leg, our round pool is simple to install and is extremely durable! Our round Kona Pool line offers you the most pool for your money. Kona Pools offers a pool that has been a leader in quality and design since 1991. Kona Pools also carries the best and most comprehesive warranty in the industry. Below is the gallonage and “foot print” or area needed to install your new Kona Pool.

15' x 4'

20' x 4'

Pool Covers

Winter covers offer seasons of protection.

Supreme Plus winter pool cover

  • High Quality Pool Cover
  • Laminated polyethylene sheeting with high-density stitching for extreme durability
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays for longevity
  • Reinforced web border for increased strength
  • Corrosion resistant grommets
  • Aboveground models complete with ratchet and vinyl coated cable
  • 1 year full guarantee
  • 7 year pro-rated warranty

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